About Us

American Music World Piano Store Family

Three Generations of Music Lovers

Since 1979, American Music World has been a family owned and operated business, branching to two store locations and delivering pianos to customers all over the world. We know how important music is for every part of life, so our family has provided a place that customers of any age can come to find the right piano to help share in our love and passion for music.

Our foundation was built on trust, honesty, quality, and a love of music that we have worked to spread to the Chicagoland area and beyond. 

Our Story

Long before American Music World was established, a teenage boy went to school in Cicero and had a music instructor who encouraged him to learn to play the drums. This encouragement would become the foundation for a lifelong love of music, and that boy was our dad, Ray Fajmon. He went to Morton High School where he played in a small band that traveled locally for the next several years.

After high school, Ray began working on Music Row (South Wabash Avenue) and was known in the community for his bright smile. His coworkers affectionately called him Famous Fajmon. After meeting his wife Pauline, Ray decided to open his own music shop in September of 1979, calling it American Music World. His goals for this store were to make a modest living for his family by selling only the best quality pianos and create a safe place where families could be encouraged to make music a part of their lives. Ray believed music could open doors for people and create a more fulfilling life, so he built a place where kids in the Chicagoland area could grow up learning to love music just as he did.

Our dad is now in his 90’s, and he still loves to tell people that “music is the answer.” “It can make you laugh, make you cry, feel warm and loving, and forget all the ugly things going on in the world, even if just for a few moments.” Our dad built a business that helped him make a little money while in turn helping his customers make the world a better place through music.


Our Future

We have now opened a second store location, and our family owned and operated business is run by Ray’s three kids who have continued running the store HIS way: with Honesty dealing with customers, Integrity in standing behind the pianos we sell, and Sincerity in keeping our commitments. Dad’s HIS philosophy has given us a foundation to build our stores on and is the reason we are now the Chicagoland piano dealer because we have built our relationships on trust and integrity. We love being able to continue our dad’s legacy and carry on his dream of sharing music with families in the Chicagoland area.

We are now working to pass on the love of music that our dad gave to us to the next generation and keep his dream alive of making the world a better place through music.

HIS Philosophy

Honesty dealing with customers
Integrity in standing behind the pianos we sell
Sincerity in keeping our commitments