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(708) 516-2506 (Elmhurst)

(847) 966-1360 (Niles)

U3 For Sale

Piano Highlights

Model U3
Serial No. 4408133
Price $5200
Store Location Elmhurst

Piano Description

1985 Yamaha 52" Tall Professional Upright Piano, model U3
Yamaha's U3 has been the first choice for serious pianist who demand the finest tonal quality and expressive control.

Built in 1988 this piano was rarley played. Looking "Brand" new and with no wear on the internal moving parts this Yamaha U3 has that firm, senitive touch and expessive tone only found on new pianos.

The following work has been done to this piano:

  • The exterior has been carefully cleaned and detailed
  • Action parts are working perfectly and our technician has been checked all the moving mechanical parts
  • Action was professionally regulated
  • Hammers voiced, strings tuned to A440 pitch
  • 10 Years Parts and Labor Warranty
  • Comes with matching bench

Affordable Delivery and 2 FREE in Home Tuning call 708-516-2506 Depth: 24" Height: 52" Width : 59" Located at-American Music World 605 N York St, Elmhurst IL 60126 Call 708-516-2506


Why Choose American Music World

  • Expert Inspection

    All of our pianos have been certified by a registered piano technician to be free from any defects. In addition, refurbished pianos go through a rigorous 10-point checklist.

  • 5 Year Trade-Up Period

    We offer a 5 year trade-up period so you can "upgrade" to a more advanced piano when you're ready. This applies to most cases. If the piano did not experience normal wear and tear and it actually damaged, then this does not apply.

  • Flexible Financing Options

    We offer a variety of flexible financing options to help you get the piano you need. Please contact us to learn more about the different financing options that may be available to you.

  • Warranty

    Used Pianos offer a 10 year warranty for parts and labor in most cases. New pianos offer a factory warranty which may be longer than 10 years depending on the piano.

  • 1 Year of Free In-Home Service Adjustments

    We want to help ensure that your piano is properly working for you once it's in your home so we include 1 year of in-home service adjustments. This also includes a free piano tuning.

  • Affordable Professional Delivery

    If you're like most people, you'll need your new piano delivered. That's why we offer professional piano delivery services at a very affordable rate.

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