Piano Restoration

Pianos are built to last for decades, but often they just need a little extra time and care to make them like new again. Even pianos in the roughest shape are worth working on because the reward is that much sweeter. Whether you just need a piano cleaning, a simple key replaced or have inherited a piano that needs a comprehensive restoration, our staff at American Music World would be honored to restore your piano, so you and your family can continue enjoying it for years to come.

Loose Keys on Piano Keyboard
Suspended Piano for Moving

Piano Moving

Our customers know they can trust us to keep their piano safe and sound because we consistently move over a thousand pianos every year. Our experienced in-house piano movers have safely moved pianos for our customers time and again because of the safety measures we put into place to keep each piano protected during the entire moving process. We know how important your piano is to you and the value you place on it which is why our family is personally involved in every piano move. 

Piano Tuning

Pianos can go out of tune for a variety of reasons, but often it can be due to simple things that can be easily fixed. Making sure your piano isn't near a window or outside door will help keep the temperature of the piano even and not go out of tune faster. Playing your piano regularly is another great way to help keep your piano tuned longer. While there are several things you can do to help your piano stay in tune longer, ultimately over time, your piano will need a good tuning once or twice a year to keep it in tune.

Hand Tuning Piano at Hammers
Woman Playing Grand Piano on Stage

Piano Rentals

American Music World has provided pianos to our customers for weddings, concerts, piano recitals, school plays, bar mitzvahs, photo and video shoots, and more. We’ve become the number one trusted piano rental company in Chicagoland because of our dedication to our customers and our love and passion for music. We know how important these big life moments are for you which is why we work so hard to find the right piano, style, color, brand, and look you need for your special event.

Piano Storage

At American Music World, we can store your piano or organ in a temperature-controlled storage unit where it will sit safe and protected for as long as you need. There is no time limit on our piano storage services, so if you find you need more time, just let us know. We have stored pianos for a day or for several years: every customer’s situation and story is unique which is why our piano storage services are so flexible. Our staff members would be happy to work with you to get you scheduled for our piano storage services and keep your piano stored as long as you need.

Piano Storage Warehouse
Player Piano Demo

Player Piano Conversion

From more basic models that just play your piano regularly to more advanced technology for composing music, we sell a wide variety of player pianos at American Music World for all your piano needs. Our player pianos have so many amazing uses which is why we set up demos for our customers to show the many features player pianos have. There's even a "silent mode" for when the kids are practicing at home, but you don't want to disturb anyone. With so many different options, we're happy to help you decide which player piano is best for you.