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Perfect Piano Rentals for Events, Organizations as well as In-Home Use

American Music World has been providing piano rentals to our greater Chicago area customers for decades. We’ve provided pianos for events such as weddings, concerts, piano recitals, photo shoots, school plays, bar mitzvahs, and video shoots. We also lease pianos to organizations such as hospitals, retirement homes, and grocery stores. American Music World offers in-home rentals if you want to test the waters with a young child before buying a piano.

Some of our more unique piano rentals in the greater Chicago area were for Netflix movies, Goodman Theatre plays, Peter Cetera, Billy Joel, and Amazon movies. We’ve become the number one trusted piano rental company in Chicagoland because of our dedication to our customers and our love of music.

Woman Playing Grand Piano on Stage
Man playing piano

We love finding just the right piano rental for each of our customers to create the perfect look and feel for all your big events in life.

We know how important these big moments are for our customers, which is why we work hard to find exactly what you need. We’ll help you find the right piano, style, color, brand, and look you need for your specific project. If we don’t have what you need, we’ll even help you find a supplier who does. Our one goal is to help our customers find exactly what they need because we’ve built our company on the trust our customers put in us and our passion for music.

Once you find the piano you’d like to rent, our piano movers can take it to you and bring it back safely and carefully. 

You don’t need to worry about any part of the transportation process, so you can focus on your event. We know how hard you work to plan each event; we work equally hard to help you find the right piano and handle each step. We do the moving for you because it’s what we do best and allows you to enjoy your celebration. To find out more about our piano rental services, fill out the form below or visit one of our two convenient locations.

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