Piano Restoration Services

Weathered Piano with Broken Keys

We Offer Piano Restoration Services for Pianos in Any Condition

Piano restoration is a delicate and detailed skill that we are proud to offer at American Music World. No matter a piano’s brand or how it looks and sounds, we love restoring pianos to their former glory. Whether it’s an upright piano or a grand piano, our piano restoration service processes are very similar.

Pianos have over 12,000 parts and roughly 10,000 of them are moving parts. That's a lot of moving parts that need to be working well over time to produce the beautiful sound that brings music to your ears.

We offer three main piano restoration services in the greater Chicago area:

Piano Cleaning

Pianos are built to last for decades, but they often need to be cleaned or have small pieces replaced to make them like new again. Cleaning a piano is one of the simplest ways of getting a piano back to sounding beautiful and working as it should.

Piano Restoration

Whether you need a single key replaced or have inherited a piano that needs extra work, we at American Music World would be honored to restore your piano.

This way, you and your family can continue enjoying it for years to come. Even the smallest changes can make the biggest difference in your piano getting tuned and working properly.

Comprehensive Piano Restoration

For every piano restoration we do, we go through a 10-step process to ensure each piano is working properly. From checking the keys to making sure they are level to adjusting the pedals so they function correctly, each step is important in restoring the piano to a working, functioning instrument. Even the hardest cases are worth working on because the reward is that much sweeter.

We Take Great Pride in our Work

We never skip steps in our piano restoration services because every part of the piano must be checked to ensure accuracy and longevity. Whether you’re looking to restore a family heirloom for yourself or you’re looking to sell your current piano that needs some work, let our talented team restore your piano so it can go to a loving home to help another family.

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Piano Board Being Repaired

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