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Keeping Your Instrument in Great Condition

Pianos go out of tune for a variety of reasons. Often, it’s due to simple issues that can be resolved, like being near outdoor airflow and moisture, or from sitting over time and not being played. There are several steps you can take to help your piano stay in tune longer, but your piano benefits from quality piano tuning services once or twice yearly to keep it sounding proper.

Tips for Piano Maintenance

One way to help keep your piano in tune is by having it played regularly or having a player piano installed on it. A piano that sits unplayed goes out of tune much faster than a played one, which is why player pianos are so helpful. Another way is to keep your piano in a temperature-controlled room that does not have outside air blowing in. The constant shift in temperature will make your piano lose its perfect sound faster.

Our Piano Tuners Come to You

As part of our greater Chicago area piano tuning services, we offer piano tuners who come out to your greater Chicago area home and work around your schedule. We will tune your piano so you can keep it sounding excellent all year round. Having a tuned piano helps when practicing because you learn exactly what the song should sound like. Moving from an untuned piano to a tuned one can cause playing mistakes because they sound different. Our professional, Chicago-based piano tuners will reestablish your instrument to its intended sound so you can get back to normal playing. 

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